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Camp Site

Our camp site inside protected  area:

a6598Camping in Wadi Rum under the panoply of stars, the tranquility of the desert and the beauty of the landscape is an amazing experience and one that you should deprive themselves of. The Rum Valley is one of the best places in the world to observe the beauty and calmness of the night sky, and a night spent here is one that you will never forget. Many of our guests who have traveled to Jordan describe a night in Wadi Rum as the most memorable, because it exceeds all expectations and it is the camping in these unique surroundings that make it such a lasting memory.

We offer two different camp sites within Wadi Rum:
At the Campsite:
a154we have Bedouin campsite in an isolated location deep in the deserts of Wadi Rum in the Kaber Amrah area. It is situated in close proximity to many historic locations and is approximately 16 Km from Visitor Center. This campsite, are for those people who want to camp overnight but want to have the amenities at hand.
This open campsite comes fully fitted with a kitchen, a dining area and bathrooms containing showers, toilets and sinks. There is also a lounge area with a central campfire where you can relax before heading to sleep. There are a range of tent sizes holding up to a maximum of four people which come furnished with all sleeping equipment (bed singl ,dubel and family tent . mattresses, blankets, pillows and sheets)
In this package we offer all meals that are required, and all drinks such as Bedouin tea, coffee, soft drinks and bottled Water are included in the price. For the evening meal we prepare a buffet straight from the BBQ, in which you can discover dishes that are part of our Bedouin heritage such as Mansaf. And for those who are vegetarian we will prepare special dishes, but please let us know before hand so this can be arranged. After the meal we hold traditional festivities with music, sheesha and Bedouin stories which all run deep into the night and end when you eventually settle down into bed.
In the desert:
IMG-20140517-WA0018when it comes to camping, this is the real deal. We can camp anywhere that you desire, but the tour guides have their preferred places. In this situation we have a mini camp that is transferable, but obviously does not have the luxuries of the permanent campsite described above.
This camping are mainly for those who are staying in Wadi Rum for longer than a single night and the location of the camp is depend upon which tour package you have taken with us. In this camp we provide all the equipments for camping such as tents , mattresses, Blankets, pillows , food, Water, mini cooker, and you have a jeep to carry it all in. We do advise that you should bring your own sleeping bag. And you can mix your package up by camping in the desert some nights and then some nights at the campsites. Whichever you decide to choose that landscape, scenery and tranquility will always be surrounding you.

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Your Guide: Abdullah Ali

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Email: wadirumjordancamp@gmail.com

Inside Wadirum Protected Area, Aqaba - Jordan

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