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About Us

154We are four brothers working with an experienced team of guiding tours in wadirum, all of them are Bedouins from the local tribe in desert of Wadi Rum and therefore know the desert very well. We like to share our daily life with our guests to give them an insight into traditions and behaviors of the Bedouins. There are many possibilities for visiting Wadi Rum and we are proud to offer more interesting programs than the usual 2 or 3 hours or 8 hours tours   long tour through the

My father still lives as a real Bedouin in a Bedouin tent in the desert. I spent the first twenty years of my life living in the desert, and travelling from one place to another has helped me to get to know all of the mountains and learn the paths to the top of them.

I started this company with few of my cousins, all of whom are experienced Bedouin guides who can help you to explore the Wadi Rum By JEEP, HIKING, SCRAMBLING, CAMPING, CAMELS, TREKKING and more!

This website contains all of the information that you will need in the Wadi Rum, as well as information about the different trips we offer in the desert. Should any guest prefer to do different programmes they are welcome to send us an email outlining their preferences and we will arrange the programme for them.

a22We had three main reasons for starting this company:

1) I love the Wadi Rum desert more than any other place in the world and I want to work here forever.

2) We want to offer our visitors more interesting tours, allowing them to stay more than one day and taking them deep into the Wadi Rum.

3) We wish to help our Bedouin community through employing more than eight guides from our tribe.

We usually take our guests to the tourist sites which are highlighted in the Wadi Rum map. However, we believe that the Wadi Rum is beautiful due to its magical landscape, and so we offer more time in remote places with no other tourists, to help them to discover the silence of the desert.

We are proud that we are Bedouin, and proud to help our visitors discover our Bedouin culture by telling them stories from our grandfathers, many stories about coffee, Bedouin weddings, Bedouin law and Bedouin food. We will also tell our guests interesting stories about our Al Zalabeyh Tribe and others, and will be ready to answer any question about the Bedouins.

The prices that we give for the tours cover all costs for the trip. A supplement may be charged if you wish to include activities not mentioned in the trip's description.

The only thing we ask from our guests is to help us to keep our home, the Wadi Rum, as clean and attractive as our Grandfathers left it for us.

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Your Guide: Abdullah Ali

Mobile :+962772226419

FAX: +96232019755

Email: wadirumjordancamp@gmail.com

Inside Wadirum Protected Area, Aqaba - Jordan

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