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Sleep in the cave 1 day 1 night

We start from wadirum village we guided you 8 hour jeep tour in wadirum protected area  to visit all site in wadirum and after the sunset we sleep in cave
At 1 pm you have lanch and bedouin tea   

  • nite3Nabatean temple.
  • Lawrence spring.
  • Khazali canyon.
  • little bridge.
  • Lawrence house:
  • anfeasheah inscriptions.
  • sand dune:
  • umm froth rock bridge
  • burdah rock bridge
  • barah canyon:

Sunset site after sunset sleep in the cave

The price is:
One person 90 jd
2 – 3 people 60 JD per person.
4 or more people 50 JD per person.

The price will included:
• Guide for all the trip 1 day 1 night
• All meals & water & soft drinks & tea
• Jeep with guide
• All the sleeping equipments Bedouin tent

Our Location Map

Photo Gallery

Our Address

Your Guide: Abdullah Ali

Mobile :+962772226419

FAX: +96232019755

Email: wadirumjordancamp@gmail.com

Inside Wadirum Protected Area, Aqaba - Jordan

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